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The Small Business Administration reminds us that nearly half the jobs in the United States are a result of small business. Virtually all of these companies are locally owned. They are the power behind any economy, large or small. When capital is shifted into these enterprises it remains in our neighborhoods where it is a positive agent for economic health. You have the power to move that money and bring it home, creating jobs and stabilizing local economies. There are opportunities to put your capital of all amounts to work here in the Northwest. Read on..


CrowdFunding: Introducing ChangeFunder

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Crowdfunding is the buzzword of the year, and small-scale projects have begun to utilize it to find gift-based capital to help their vision come to life. While the legal rules for equity-based crowdfunding are still being made by the SEC, gift-based crowdfunding may be an excellent means of providing capital to entrepreneurs of local businesses or social ventures that make a difference in your local economy. Because we believe in a wide range of strategies for getting your dollars into your community, we launched our own NW-only crowdfunding site called ChangeFunder! Let us show you how it works.

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Private Investment Opportunities

Angel investors and venture capitalists have been taking advantage of investing directly into private firms for years.  So why not utilize ChangeXchange NW to find LOCAL private investments?  While the JOBS Act is opening up opportunities for non-wealthy investors to get in on the action, online investment in private holdings is still reserved for accredited investors only. This unique site can connect accredited investors to investment offerings of all kinds from the Northwest on the secure online portal. If you are interested in moving capital into your community, you can register online and get started.

ChangeXchange NW also invites “non-accredited” investors (the 99%) to learn about investing locally. These can’t yet happen online, but check the Community Capital Map for places near you where Local Impact Investing Opportunity Networks (LIIONS) or Local Investment Clubs may have launched. If you don’t see a local group in your neighborhood, now is the time to connect with us, and we’ll help you get started.

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Direct Public Offerings

Virtually all investments in publically traded companies are made on the New York Stock Market. Since only 6% of all transactions have anything to do with a real bricks-and-mortar business, very few of our dollars get spent on growing jobs and none are directed locally. In fact, local ownership is defined by a majority of the shareholders of a company living near its base of operations, therefore, virtually none of the publicly traded companies are local. Unless a company does what’s called a Direct Public Offering (DPO) which is initiated at the state level. To you, a locally-minded investor, the idea of smaller, Pacific Northwest company “going public” might sound too good to be true, but it’s legal (since 1934) and not far-fetched at all. Your capital can be working for your community AND your bottom-line, and we’re here to show you how.

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Learn More

Okay, so maybe you aren’t ready to write a check right this second.  But you still want to learn about ChangeXchange NW, and the great investment opportunities in your own backyard.  Check out our Community Capital Map and learn about the opportunities that are in your backyard, and the success stories of those who are already shaping the Northwest Region.  Our NODE PAGES are great resources for discovering what’s happening in smaller neighborhood economies, as are our local highlights.  Or maybe you’re interested in attending a forum or event to really explore local investing further.  Discover the tools that ChangeXchange offers.

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ChangeXchange NW is an initiative of Springboard Innovation, a 501(c )(3). Contributing to the ChangeXchange NW Network through Springboard provides working capital for launching community investing infrastructure across the NW region. Powerful capital for powerful community forces. Be a force for better!

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